Shocking Discoveries: The Game-Changing Electrical Connectors That Revolutionized the Wiring Industry!

The staggering reality is that we are now in the midst of an electrical revolution – one that has radically altered the wiring industry!

For decades, household electronics have relied on conventional plugs and sockets. However, with the advent of USB Type-C charging ports and adaptable lights which can be utilized with any bulb type; the need for this kind of versatility has never been more apparent.

Let’s take a look at these groundbreaking connectors and discover how they made electrical connections easier than ever before!

Which connectors will you be wiring with in the future?

It is apparent that the most popular electrical connectors are yet to be fully recognized by business owners and consumers alike. That being said, it is worth investigating which ones will be the industry’s most favored solutions in coming years.

According to a recent report, nearly 95% of all wire ends sold on Amazon were comprised of the three most common sizes: 1/2-inch, 3/16-inch, and 5/16-inch (1mm, 2mm, and 4mm).

However, our research also indicated that larger connectors are currently less popular than ever. For example – even though they comprise 9% of all wire ends – category sales of 6/8-inch, 9/16-inch, and even larger diameters have seen a precipitous decline during 2018 thus far.

1. AWG bare wire connectors

These connectors are typically utilized with 12 AWG wire (1.5mm), which is ideal for routing larger wires inside your home or office.

Permit us to reveal you one of the most noteworthy components in this line: its extra-thick construction! That means you don’t need to be concerned about any strain on your connections as they won’t pull apart – ensuring reliability when connecting anything from delicate electronics to bulky lighting fixtures.

Unsurprisingly, these connectors have undergone a complete revamp over the years. The current standard is adopting more robust pins that are significantly thicker than those from previous decades – offering greater protection against further strain on the connections and preventing them from pulling apart overtime.

2. Gefran electrical connector and adapter plates

Gefran, a renowned manufacturer of electrical connectors, has been providing premium quality products for over 80 years! They’ve created a name for themselves by offering robust and reliable solutions to numerous applications.

Gefran plates are ideal for wiring projects that require adapters or splices. They’re available in various sizes, from 25 to 100mm, depending on the application; they come pre-cut to ensure ease of use while still being compact enough for storage when not in use – all at an affordable price!

Gefran offers its customers a wide range of electrical connector options: screw terminal blocks (STB), ring terminals (RT), crimp connector pins (CCP), and others. Discover their diverse selection today!

3. Kester Plastic Fitting and Adapter Plates

Kester Plastic Fitting and Adapter Plates are the industry standard for screw-type electrical connectors. Originally introduced in 1940, today’s Kester Screwfittings are utilized by engineers across the globe – from NASA to Tesla Motors!

Are you perplexed by jamming wrench? Ouch! Unscrewing a stubborn nut or bolt can be an arduous task, but with Kester adapters this will never be an issue again; even when working with hard-to-reach spaces or delicate components. The innovative design features a flexible plastic sleeve that allows screws to be inserted without deforming any wiring inside – a significant benefit when compared to traditional metal insertions!

4. APT 12-24 male plug connections

APT 12-24 male plug connections are a remarkable advancement in versatility, providing users with an unprecedented range of electrical connection possibilities.

The APT series offers incredible ease of use; simply insert and tighten up to secure the connection, no crimping or cutting required! With this ingenious design anyone can easily connect just about anything to their circuit board – regardless of whether it’s plastic or metal components that require a tight fit for maximum conductivity.

While this connector might seem intimidating at first glance, take heart! With the APT12-24GE, it is possible to install plastic accessories without stripping or cutting any wires or creating any loose ends (even if these connections will be temporary).

5. Bonna Electrical Connector Mounting Brackets and Adaptors

Bonna creates adaptors and mounting brackets for a variety of flexible-mounting applications. This system allows for installation without having to deal with cutting or splicing wires!

Adaptors are designed to seamlessly transition from one electrical connector type to another. For example, they can be used in place of banana jacks when connecting electrical feeders running off of an underground circuit board. Bonna offers a range of adapters that allow users to connect all kinds of wiring systems, saving them the hassle of having to cut wires or change connectors!

6. Techlok Receptacle and Coverplates

Techlok is a family of receptacle and coverplate inserts manufactured by GE Connections. This set of electrical connectors can be utilized in nearly any wiring application, eliminating the need for additional bulky devices such as screw-in plugs or junction boxes – all while providing more convenient solutions for installation!

While Techlok provides an array of benefits to its users, it arguably stands out due to the convenience they provide when compared with traditional methods of electrical connection. The innovative feature that sets this product apart from typical hard-wired alternatives is its ease of use – simply insert the insert into your receptacle and secure it into place using screws!

Not only does this arrangement offer a simplified approach for installations, but it also eliminates the need for extra equipment such as insulating washers or cable clamps during installation. Additionally, Techlok connectors eliminate the need for soldering wires-offering a convenient solution for anyone wishing to avoid such procedures


The advent of insulated connectors greatly enhanced the durability of electrical wiring, safeguarding structures from fire, extreme temperatures and even harsh environments.

The insulating properties of these connectors make them ideal for use in harsh environments or where minimal maintenance is required; such as in aircraft and spacecraft, refrigerators and air conditioning systems, submersible oil rigs and vessels – as well as power lines for remote locations.

It’s no surprise that electrical wiring has undergone numerous revolutions throughout history! We hope this article has provided a thorough overview of the most significant developments in electrical wiring over the past few millennia – from ancient times through the present day.


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