Unleash Your Electrician Superpowers: Mind-Blowing Hacks to Revolutionize Your Electrical Work!

Have you ever considered incorporating electrical supplies into your daily routine?

Utilizing these five tips can help revolutionize electrical work, transforming it from mundane tasks into spectacular feats.

1. Use Multi-Tool Light to Cap Boxes

With multi-tool lights in hand, you can create an effective means for sealing electrical boxes that is simple yet effective.

Simply insert a screwdriver into the slot provided and pierce through your box’s lid. Once it’s open, insert a drill bit or other suitable tool at one location and then rotate the handle to bore out a hole before removing the tool.

Make sure that any exposed wires are covered so that no stray electricity can find its way inside!

2. Use Tape to Protect Wiring In Walls Or Cords In Closets

If you’re performing an electrical repair project, it can be tempting to just remove the old fixture and install a new one. But what if your existing wiring doesn’t provide enough surface area for a junction box? In this case, it is wise to utilize flexible tubing (also known as conduit) to increase surface area and fill any gaps between fixtures and walls. To ensure that your work remains structurally sound, use electrical tape to prevent wires from coming loose during installation!

If you are patching up holes in the wall or cutting openings in closets, consider using electrical tape to cover exposed wires before patching up cracks or filling cavities. Make sure not to over-stuff with too much insulation; leave an inch or two for future expansion. Once you have finished filling the space with insulation, simply come back and secure everything with an appropriate amount of tape – no need for additional fasteners here!

3. Don’t Sell Your Clothes Closet Until You Install A Clothes Hook

Why not utilize your attic space for an expanded closet? The solution may seem simple, yet it can yield impressive results.

A roomy attic provides an ideal location for a spacious closet; however, without incorporating any electrical devices, you would be limited to just shelving as its sole interior decorating feature.

To remedy this predicament, create a large-scale hanging system using some basic materials like rope and small nails. In order for that rope to retain its tension in the long run, ensure that each individual strand is secured tightly between pulleys – creating a secure system that won’t fail!

Not only does this approach provide ample storage space within an allotted area; it also allows you to utilize it as an intricate pattern on any walls within the room should it come up at a later date.

4. Use Electrical Tape To Mark Out Electrical Lines In Drywall

When you’re trimming out a hole for an electrical line in drywall, it can be difficult to ascertain where the lines will emerge from within. To assist with this task, use electrical tape to mark out these areas before completing any cutting or nailing operations.

Utilizing your electrical tape to delineate where the electrical circuits will come through could prove somewhat laborious and time-consuming; however, if done properly it should yield a rather accurate result that conforms to code requirements.

5. Use a Cordless Screwdriver to Tighten or Remove Screws or Nails in Wood Without Removing the Wood With a Hammer

If you need to remove wood screws, but don’t have access to a corded drill – don’t fret!

Utilize the power of your cordless screwdriver for quicker and more efficient removal. Keep things as simple as possible and simply roll out the screw using just the tip of the screwdriver and then grip it with pliers for removal.

I have often used this technique when working on projects at home. It’s so much faster than using an electrician’s hammer!


Unleash your electrician’s superpowers and go beyond the ordinary with these awe-inspiring techniques!

The art of installing electrical outlets, switches and lights was not refined by chance; it was meticulously crafted by generations of architects and designers. Yet, our ever-changing world demands that we innovate and create new solutions.

To bring freshness and vitality to your home, consider taking on an electrical project that is more imaginative than usual – like adding an ephemeral light fixture that illuminates at night or creating a custom switch cover to reflect your personality.


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